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If you’re reading this page, it’s because we’re about to work together on your Klaviyo account. Exciting stuff! Below, I’ve laid out everything I need from you to get the project started. Please make sure to read through carefully so you know what’s expected of you as we move along.

Step 1: Hire me on Upwork

I choose to handle all of my client payments through Upwork. To get started, click here and follow Upwork’s steps. You’ll pay upfront, but Upwork will hold the funds in escrow until you approve the project.

Unless you’d rather use your project management tool, all of our conversations and files will be shared through Upwork messages. This keeps all of our communication consolidated and makes sure nothing is lost in those pesky email threads.

Step 2: Send me the stuff

First, I’ll need Klaviyo “manager” access. If you’re not sure how to do that, here’s a blog post explaining the process.

How to Add Users and Manage Permissions

Second, I’ll need a shared folder (Google Drive or Dropbox) of your brand’s creative. This includes images, logos, founder headshots, and any brand guidelines. You can send this to me within Upwork messages.

Bonus: Include a picture of the brand founder’s signature in black or blue ink on a white piece of paper. I’ll use this in flows where we tell the brand’s story as a letter from the founder.

If you already have a designer who will design the email templates, great! Send me their preferred method of communication and I’ll touch base with them once it’s time to design emails.

Step 3: Pre-Flow Work

Once I have what I need, I’ll take a stroll through your Klaviyo account and address what’s needed before we move forward with flows. Examples would be fixing deliverability issues, setting up proper segments, and aligning our signup forms with our future Welcome Series. At this stage, if I run into a problem, I’ll communicate with you and we’ll fix it before proceeding.

Step 4: At Last, Flows 🙌

Finally, we’re good to go! I’ll get to work creating the new flows within your Klaviyo account. I’ll start by setting up the structure of every flow that makes sense for your brand. Once I’m done, I’ll design the email templates (running the first few designs by you before continuing) or I will communicate with your designer on the structure of each email and what details need to be included.

Step 5: We’ll Look Over Everything

You’ll look over the flows and make sure everything is good to go. If you have requests, please make sure to look carefully throughout the flows and bring all of your requests to me at once. This obviously saves you time by eliminating the communication back-and-forth.

Step 6: I’ll Make the Flows “Live”

Once we’ve talked through it and you approve of everything, I’ll submit the project for your approval in Upwork (I know, I know 🙄 Upwork has a few extra steps that helps ensure the payment goes through).

Once that’s approved, I’ll make the flows live. I’ll stick around for 30 days, monitoring the flows and making sure everything’s operating as it should, and then I’ll send you a “First Month” report on the progress of the flows.

Additional: I always like to establish the right foundation of flows before working on campaigns. That said, if you’d like to talk about me helping with your campaigns, Step 6 is the time to do it!

On to Step 1!

“Caleb Dueck is the best-looking Klaviyo flow specialist I know.”

– My wife, probably.

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